Flavor of the Month Summary: Sweater Weather

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There have more been more frosty mornings in the past week.  Because of that I’m glad I chose Sweater Weather for the Flavor of the Month.  I wanted recipes that were warming and comforting and I think the recipes I shared were just that.

Here’s the rundown!

Raisin Apple Spice Cake – This is not your typical spice cake with apples and golden raisins added to the mix, along with cardamom as the main spice.  Since this cake isn’t too sweet, I also enjoy it for breakfast.


Roast Chicken Dinner – I finally nailed down my roast chicken recipe that results in a moist and flavorful chicken with super crispy skin.  It’s paired with apples and sweet potatoes to make a complete meal. 


Sweater Weather Pimm’s – Pimm’s in a warm drink was not something I’d thought of before, but after making this cocktail it totally makes sense!  It’s combined with apple juice and cinnamon for a lovely cold weather drink!


Orange Cardamom Bread Pudding – This not your normal bread pudding.  It has flavors of cardamom and orange and is topped with a sticky glaze made with orange marmalade that puts it over the top!


I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did!  The next Flavor of the Month is cranberries.  I was inspired seeing the fresh cranberries in the stores now and can’t wait to share some new recipes with all of you!  As always, you can check out all my Flavor of the Month posts on Instragram by searching for #btpflavorofthemonth and can also check out my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest.


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