Flavor of the Month Summary: Apples

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Well, another month has blown by.  Apples are certainly a fall staple, so it was fun making them a key ingredient for the month.

Here’s the rundown:

Caramel Apple Blondies – These blondies are something unexpected and delicious!  They have a chewy moist texture like brownies, with a punch of flavor from salted caramel and apples.  So tasty!


Apple of My Eye Patch – I wanted to make at least one cocktail this month with apple flavor so I decided on a cocktail with apple juice and rum.  Rum usually makes me think of pirates (arrrrrrr), hence the eyepatch in the name. 😉 It turned out great and it’s easy to make also!


Apple Taste Test – While this isn’t a recipe, I thought it was worth mentioning. We have so many kinds of apples here in Washington, so I did a taste test.  This certainly isn’t an all-ecompassing list but gives you a good overview.


Newton’s Folly Hard Cider – Another non-recipe that was worth a mention.  This cider is crisp and not too sweet, which makes it really versatile.  It would even be a tasty option to serve for Thanksgiving (it’ll be here before you know it!).


So there you have it.  Did you have a favorite?  I’d also love to hear what your favorite kid of apple is!  Don’t forget to check out my Flavor of the Month Pinterest board for more recipes and also search #btpflavorofthemonth on Instagram.



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