Flavor of the Month Summary: Lunch

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The Flavor of the Month for this September was lunches.  Selfishly, I did it to motivate me to make some more exciting lunches I could prepare for the week and bring them to work.  Mission accomplished!

Here’s the rundown:

Bulgur & Apple Spinach Salad – I feel like this salad is the perfect way to ease into fall!  It’s got the crunch and freshness of a summer salad but with a key fall ingredient, apples!  The bulgur adds a lovely nutty flavor and makes the salad more filling.


Cheerio Treats – While these are technically not a lunch item, they make a great treat for lunch and are another thing you can make at the beginning of the week to enjoy until Friday!  The Cheerios add a toasty flavor and some texture for something special.


Tuscan Quiche – This was my favorite recipe of the month!  The whole wheat pie crust adds something interesting to this quiche that is packed with flavor.  Salami, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese are what make this quiche super tasty and creamy!


Coconut Sesame Overnight Oats – While oatmeal might not seem like a lunch option, I often have breakfast-y things for lunch or dinner also so I’m including it.  These oats are comforting and filling and flavored with tahini paste, maple syrup and coconut flakes.


I’m glad to have more lunch options now and hope you’re enjoying them too.  Don’t forget to follow my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest.  You can also search for #btpflavorofthemonth on Instagram.  The Flavor of the Month for October will be apples, so stay tuned!





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