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Our latest book club read was Captured by Beverly Jenkins.  It was our book club’s first romance novel (ooo la la).  I’ve never read a romance novel and was expecting something raunchy with little plot but was pleasantly surprised.  Don’t get me wrong, the book had me blushing at times and I wouldn’t want to read this book in a place where someone could read over my shoulder (lol). However, the plot was interesting and thought out.

This book takes place during the Civil War and centers around a Black pirate, Captain Dominic   La Veq and Clare Sullivan, a slave he kidnaps. While this book was definitely in the romance genre, I would also say it could be classified as historical fiction.  I appreciated that the author clearly did her homework to reference things that would’ve been historical accurate for the time. This included things like explaining details about the fashion of the times or details about the Civil War.  

As I suspect is true of all romance novels, there were some silly cliches and innuendos that made me chuckle. If you’re looking for a book that is fun, slightly steamy, and generally entertaining, this book is for you.  

Our next book will be Unfinished Business by Gail Godwin.  As always, you can see what we’re reading on my Book Club Pinterest board.  If you’ve read it, or Captured, I’d love to hear what you thought!

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