Rachel’s Food Tourism: Fat’s Chicken & Waffles

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When I found out I was being laid off, we decided on my last day that we’d order a special dinner.  It was sort of a cross between “eating my feelings” being sad about the loss of my job and celebrating whatever was to come.  I knew right away I wanted to get chicken from Fat’s!  Fat’s Chicken & Waffles is a Black-owned business in Seattle and as you might have guessed is known for its chicken and waffles ;). I’m always surprised when I came across someone that’s never has the insanely delicious combo, but then I remember that it’s something that started in the south so people around here might not have “heard the word”. If you’re one of those people, you need to fix that pronto!  

Fat’s is the perfect choice because the menu is not just chicken and waffles but so many tasty options!

Derek ordered the Fat’s Sampler for $16.  It comes with a choice of chicken pieces (2 legs, breast, or thigh), 2 sides, and a biscuit. Derek chose the chicken thigh with fried mushrooms and rice with sausage gravy for his sides.  The chicken thigh was super juicy and flavorful.  The mushrooms were fine, but had a batter coating that was a little too thick.  Honesty, with all the amazing side choices this isn’t one I’d bother with.  The rice with sausage gravy was flavorful with just the right amount of pepper.  The biscuit was soft, flaky and buttery just the way a biscuit should be. 


I ordered the Fried Chicken Plate for $15.  It comes with 2 pieces of fried chicken breast and 2 sides.  You can also get this as a sandwich if you like. I chose cornbread and cheese grits.  There is also a chicken and waffle plate you can get, that is $15 for fried chicken with 2 waffles.  I opted for the plate because I wanted to try out some of the sides.  Then I ordered a waffle on the side.  Any place that has a whole waffle as a “side” is my kind of place!  The woman on the phone didn’t even pause when I said I wanted a waffle on the side, lol.  All of it was delicious!  The chicken is super juicy and crunchy.  It’s pretty peppery, which I would not normally enjoy but when eating it with a sweet waffle it’s just perfect!  The grits were full of flavor, and I was impressed that they were still creamy even after the 25-minute drive home.  The cornbread was sweet and really moist.  I used some of the honey butter that came with Derek’s biscuit and it was insane!  I could slather that stuff on everything (and in fact did with the leftovers we had!). The portions were so generous that I actually saved a piece of chicken and my waffle and had it in the morning for breakfast.  The waffle was soft and had a nice flavor.  The peppery chicken was delicious on the waffle, covered with maple syrup.


We got the Kid’s plate for Angel with a chicken leg and fries.  The amount of fries was crazy, but they were super tasty!  They were thin and crispy with the right amount of salt. We all ate some of them with dinner and had some the next day for lunch. 

We also ordered 2 of the fried hand pies (one peach and one apple) for $5 each and they did not disappoint. The fruit was not too sweet or gummy on the inside and the crust was flaky and crispy.  

Fat’s delivers through several apps if within range.  If you’re out of range like we are, you’ll need to call in your order and come pick it up.  Don’t let that deter you, though, because it’s totally worth it!  I was impressed that everything was still hot and fresh when Derek home with it all! 

We will certainly order from Fat’s again and will go back in person when the world opens up again (someday…sigh).  I want to go back for brunch, and also want to get to try more of the sides.  The Fried Green Tomatoes were already sold out when we ordered this time and I need to try those!

Go check out Fat’s!

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