Flavor of the Month: Tea

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Well, February was a busy month.  This month I shared fewer Flavor of the Month recipes than normal but I am very pleased with the ones I did share!

Here’s the rundown:

Maple Rooibos – We’ve been having some pretty chilly weather around here, so this hot beverage it perfect. It’s also a great excuse to try Rooibos if you haven’t already!  It has a floral flavor that pairs well with maple and the herbal notes in gin.


Earl Grey Creme Brûlée – Creme Brûlée with an unexpected twist, flavoring from Earl Grey tea!  The Bergamot from the Earl Grey is subtle but not lost in the creamy custard.  This dessert is also interactive with a crunchy sugar topping to break through!


Tea-steamed Tilapia – This fish is flaky and delicately flavored with black tea.  It also cooks quickly so it’s the perfect weeknight meal paired with a salad or other side.


While I only shared three tea-themed recipes this month, I do have others on the blog.  Search “tea” to find other recipes, like these Earl Grey Truffles.  Don’t forget to check out my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest, or search for the #btpflavorofthemonth hashtag on Instagram.

Next month’s Flavor of the Month will be more of a theme, rather than a flavor.  The theme is baby and I will be sharing some recipes with mini things (think sliders or baby corn) and maybe a recipe or two for baby food, so stay tuned!



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