Oscar Party!

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Are you guys ready for the Oscars? It’s a family tradition to watch them every year.  I never end up seeing all the movies nominated but it’s fun to see the stars out, the fashions they wear and what’s happening in the world of film.  My parents are huge fans and we try to get together to watch it.  There’s even a trophy that is passed around to the person that guesses the most award winners correctly. We print out ballots and each fill one out.  It adds an extra element of fun to the evening (especially for those categories you don’t know anything about, lol).

Of course there’s always great food at the party!  Today I am going to share some options for your Oscar-watching party. I’ll admit I’m usually focused on the food, so I won’t be sharing decor options.  However, fellow blogger Dawn from Revel and Glitter has several posts for ideas, so go check her site out!

And the nominees are:

Best Adapted Cheese Tray – Going with a cheese tray is always a winner because there’s something for everyone. You could also make several things in place of a regular cheese tray like my Cranberry Baked Brie and Grape Salad, or serve this Goat Cheesecake with crackers and fruit. A majority of this can be made ahead.  Just assemble the baked brie ahead of time and bake it off when the party starts.  If you don’t want to use cranberry sauce, put in some of your favorite jam or just use the brie on its own.


Best Original Finger Food – These Bourbon Caramel-glazed Wings are crunchy, sweet and salty all at once!  Everyone will love them, just be sure you have lots of napkins on hand so people can still fill out their ballots. 😉


Lifetime Achievement Dip – I have mentioned my Caramelized Onion Dip on several other lists and it’s because it’s so tasty.  It’s also a great choice for a party because the recipe makes a ton and it can be made ahead of time.  Put in a bowl and serve with fresh veggies and chips and you’re good to go!  And be ready to tell people where you got the recipe, but it’s always a crown favorite!


Achievement in Guilty Pleasures – These Totchos combine two of my favorite appetizers, tater tots and nachos, for a satisfyingly cheesy dish.  If you have vegetarians at your party, you can skip the taco meat and add black beans.


Original Chocolate – My Cherry Chocolate Chip Brownies are so tasty and rich.  These can also be made ahead of time and you can cut them up so people can easily grab one (or more!).  They will definitely satisfy the chocoholics at the party.


Best Supporting Cocktail – Even though the holidays are over, I recommend the Christmas Mimosa as your cocktail for the evening.  It’s light, sweet and includes the most festive ingredient….bubbles!  The best part is that you can mix together a pitcher of the juice mixture so your guests can make their own.  They just need to pour the juice in a glass and top off with champagne.


So there you have it, some great options for your Oscars party.  What are some of your other favorite party foods?  Also, let me know who you think will win, maybe I can get that trophy this year!




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