Flavor of the Month Summary: Chocolate

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Well, October has come to an end.  Does anyone else feel like this year has gone WAY too fast?  Wasn’t it just springtime?!?  Anyway, as a chocoholic I had a blast making these chocolate recipes this month.  Do you have a favorite yet?  Here’s the rundown:

Cherry Chocolate Chip Brownies – These are everything you want in a brownie- fudge-y, chewy and an extra rich chocolate flavor from both cocoa and chocolate chips!  Dried cherries and kirsch add a lovely cherry pop and unexpected texture.  You should make these soon!


Crypt Cocoa – I shared this cocoa in honor of Halloween, but I will be definitely be making it all fall and winter (sans cobweb decorations maybe, he he).  This boozy cocoa has another one of my favorite flavors in it, Anise (aka licorice).  Don’t worry, though, I’ve provided some other boozy alternatives if you’re not a licorice fan.


Cherry and Cocoa Pork Chops – These chops are tasty and come together quickly for an easy weeknight meal.  They have a lovely smoky and spicy flavor with a little bit of sweetness from the cherry and red wine sauce.


Ginger Chocolate Chip Loaf – This loaf is so moist and tasty and would make a great gift for someone.  The slight heat from the ginger is perfect with the rich sweetness of molasses and chocolate chips.


Stout & Chocolate Float –  While I used to think of ice cream floats as more of a summer thing, using stout makes this one feel perfect for the cold dark nights ahead.  The stout is super creamy and blends well with the chocolate ice cream!


Squash Mole Enchiladas – These enchiladas were my favorite recipe of the month and one we’ll be making fairly often I bet!  They taste great, aren’t too tough to make and reheat well in the microwave which makes the leftover great for lunches!  I also like having another vegetarian entree in our repertoire.


I also shared some fun info this month that wasn’t a recipe, so don’t forget to check out the Chocolate Shop wine review, Mole Sauce Taste Test, and Chocolate & Wine pairing posts if you haven’t already!


The Flavor of the Month for November will be Thanksgiving!  I will be focusing on using the flavors of Thanksgiving like cranberry and pumpkin in various ways and will also be sharing some recipes to use up all of those Thanksgiving leftovers, so stay tuned!




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