Don’t Judge Me Mondays: Chocolate Shop wine

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This month, it’s all about chocolate!  I’m really excited to finds all kinds of ways to use this wonderful ingredient, especially when it comes to cocktails and savory dishes.  I’ll also be participating in Choctoberfest again this year. It’s a virtual event that a bunch of bloggers take part in, sharing tasty chocolate recipes so watch for that this month!

I am starting this Flavor of the Month off by sharing a chocolate wine….two of my greatest loves all in one!  This wine is called Chocolate Shop and I think you’re going to like it.

I found this wine at Cost Plus, but it’s also available on Amazon.  I’m sure some grocery stores that carry wine also sell it.  I had this wine for the first time a few years ago.  My mom gave it to me for Christmas (what a great stocking stuffer!).  I’d never seen it before but was excited to try it.

I’m not sure how Chocolate Shop does it, but this wine is super chocolate-y.  When poured, it looks like a normal red wine.  However, the smell of cocoa gives it up right away as something different! It’s sweet but not overly so and still has that chocolate taste.  It tastes like something between a Port and a red wine.  Port is sweet and somewhat syrupy, so this wine is not that sweet and thick with a red wine taste. It has a chocolate flavor with some dried fruit under tones and has a lovely chocolate after taste.

There are other chocolate wines out there that look kind of like Yoo Hoo and are sickeningly sweet.  I want to assure you, this wine is not like those (although, that would’ve been 20-something Rachel’s jam, lol).

This wine would be perfect paired with truffles, but it’s also great on its own.  I find it nice as a sweet treat in the evening while reading a book. I bet it would be interesting paired with a meal or sauce that has chocolate notes, like molé.  I’ll let you know when I give that a try!

I paid about $11 at Cost Plus and have seen it similarly priced elsewhere.

Are there any unusual wines that you love and want all of your friends to try?



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