Book Club- Mongrels

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Our latest book club read was Mongrels by a Native American author, Stephen Graham Jones. I’ve seen this book classified as Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, or just fiction.  Honestly, I feel like any of those could fit.  Whatever genre you classify it, it was incredible!  

At its heart, Mongrels is about family….oh, and werewolves.  It is gruesome at times, but not really scary if that makes sense.  We follow the main character from early childhood into adulthood living with his aunt and uncle.  We liked that there was a strong sibling relationship shown in the book, it seems like you don’t see that a lot. I’m always fascinated by these stories as an only child! They migrate from town to town, leaving each one in a rush for reasons I don’t want to spoil.

The book also has a neat storytelling aspect, with the main character’s grandfather sharing family stories and lore along the way.  I really liked how the author tied some of these stories back in later chapters.  It showed how we all see things differently in childhood compared to when we’re adults.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that doesn’t mind some gruesome and bloody scenes. 

Our next book (my turn to choose!) is More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth.  As always, you can see what else our amazing book club has read on my Book Club Pinterest board.  

I’d love to hear what you thought about Mongrels, if you read it, or your thoughts about More Than Enough. 

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