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I ended up winning a cake from Linden Park Whisk for a competition she had.  A friend of hers who doesn’t live in the Seattle area wanted to support Melizza (the owner of Linden Park Whisk), so she purchased a cake to be given away.  The cake was decorated based on a drawing by one of Melizza’s kids.  Such a neat idea!  I had already planned on getting a cake from her for my 40th birthday anyway, so it worked out perfectly.  I can’t wait to order another one though, and would gladly pay full price every time!  This may become a new birthday tradition.

Happy Birthday to me!

I met Melizza back when I entered a baking competition at the Book Larder a few years back.  I was was proud of what I did, but there were a few entries that were clearly out of my league. In addition to making delicious cakes Melizza is a phenomenal decorator.  I’ve been following her on Instagram and it’s been amazing to see how much her talent has progressed over the last year and all the amazing projects she does.  She’s even done a few Golden Girls inspired cakes, which I LOVE!  

Anyhoo, the cake I won was a chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling and Earl Grey buttercream.  A 6” cake that would have run about $130.  We got 8 slices out of ours that left us stuffed to the gills each time (worth it!).  If you are more reasonable in your portion size, you could easily get 12 slices out of this cake.  I’m going to tell you right now, this was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life.  The chocolate cake was so moist and had such a rich chocolate flavor.  Derek picked up the cake on a Friday and even on the following Tuesday, the cake was still perfect!  

Those layers!

She has so many amazing flavor combos, some already established or you can create your own from an inspiring list of choices sure to make you drool! I was excited to see that she’s going to start selling a cake slice sampler every once in awhile.  This is an amazing idea, and a great opportunity to try her delicious cake without having to  commit.  Brilliant!

If you’re looking for artisan cakes that are some of the best you’ve ever had and also want to support a local Black-owned business, check out Linden Park Whisk.  You will seriously not be disappointed!

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