Don’t Judge Me Mondays: McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Rosé

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A while ago, I was searching for Black-owned wineries and came across McBride Sisters.  The lovely ladies in my book club sent me a 4-pack variety of McBride Sisters wines after I was laid off and it’s got me hooked! 

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed all the wines in the pack thus far, but figured I would talk about the Rose specifically since we are smack dab in the middle of Rose season.

I was already into this wine as soon as I uncorked it because the smell was bewitching!  It has a berry fragrance with a hint of lemon that gets your attention right away!

It’s a delicate pink color. The alcohol content (ABV) is 12.5% so it’s relatively light.  

The flavor is crisp and a little dry with a hint of raspberry and strawberry.  It has a sweet aftertaste and finish.  

This wine is perfect for the summer!  It’s easy to drink, but would also pair with some delicately flavored foods.  It would complement a salmon dish with lemon sauce or a nice caesar salad.  I think it would also work well with a corn dish.  

As with most wineries, McBride Sisters has several wine clubs available.  I, for one, will be signing up for one as soon as I have a new job and would encourage you to do the same!  It’s a great way to try many of their wines and continually support a Black-owned business that is also lifting up others.  McBride Sisters donates some of the proceeds from the SheCan collection to Black female-owned small businesses.  It’s really great seeing Black women lift one another up and it’s yet another great reason to support this company!

This specific varietal is difficult to find in stores in Washington right now but several of the other McBride Sister wines are available at Safeway and QFC.  You can check out the McBride Sisters site to see where else you can purchase their wine in your neck of the woods, or you can just purchase directly from them. 



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