Flavor of the Month Summary: Hunker Down

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As you may have noticed this Hunker Down Flavor of the Month has lasted several months. I was naive when I started it, not realizing just now damn long we would all be dealing with this Covid-19 crap! :/ Needless to say, I’ve decided to wrap it up and move on to a new flavor of the month anyway. 

Here’s the rundown:

Quarantine Chocolate Pudding – This pudding is creamy and chocolatey, even though it’s made with evaporated canned milk.  The perfect thing for a pandemic, and also a great dessert to have on hand for the summertime!


Sufferin’ Succotash – Who knew lima beans could be so tasty when not the frozen kind!  Certainly not me, but I’ve become a convert.  Hopefully this recipe will make you one too!


Chocolate Coconut Cereal Treats – These cereal treats use coconut oil instead of butter which gives them a hint of coconut flavor but also have the added bonus of making them dairy free. 


Pick Your Poison – A cocktail that has several options for which spirit to use is something we could all use in our back pocket, even in the best of times.  


TC’s “Spanish” Rice – My dad’s recipe for “Spanish” rice is full of flavor from bacon and taco seasoning and is sort of between a jollof rice and Mexican rice.  It also happens to use mostly pantry staples which makes it a delicious lifesaver these days!


Sangretta – I was inspired by Retta to make her pandemic version of a Sangria and it’s so tasty.  It’s super refreshing and yes, ultra boozy, but as Retta would say “It’s a pandemic.”


Sausage Spaghetti – Of all the recipes I’ve shared for this Flavor of the Month, this one is my favorite.  It’s become a regular in our family’s rotation.  It is so yummy, makes for great leftovers, and comes together in less tan 30 minutes.  What more do you want!


I hope you’ve all found the recipes this “month” useful and that you’re staying healthy.  It’s a bummer to be staying home so much but as someone that’s immunocompromised, I appreciate all of you that are doing it and wearing your masks. We can get through this if we all work together!

I’m calling my next Flavor of the Mont Blackity Black Black and I will be sharing some Black business both locally and elsewhere that I want to recommend.  Stay tuned!


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