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Our last book club read was Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker.  It was an interesting read but we had mixed feelings about it.  It’s part memoir/part food writing about the wine industry and a journalist’s attempt at becoming a Master Sommelier. 

I enjoyed learning more about the inner workings of the wine and restaurant industry.  I feel like I learned more about how to taste wine and how to make my next experience ordering wine (whenever that might be, ugh!) better.  

There were things I wished the author had mentioned in the book more, though.  As a white women and a journalist she had privilege in the restaurant industry that someone else would not.  That meant she was offered a lot of opportunities that someone else wouldn’t so I feel like it wasn’t a necessarily honest look at how a person could get into the sommelier community.  I also feel like she didn’t really acknowledge enough just how male and white-dominated the field is.  She spoke a little bit about how it’s mostly a male field, but didn’t really dig into it the way I would have liked.  

Several of the book club ladies felt the way I did.  They also had a hard time getting through the book because the author befriended some fairly arrogant people.  Their attitudes could be a little hard to get past.

Still going strong, even though it’s virtual!

I enjoyed this read but I also don’t feel like this book would really draw people into the wine world that weren’t already interested.  I think many people already find wine intimidating and I don’t think this book really helped with that.  I would recommend this book to people that already enjoy wine, but not to everyone.

I was obviously going to be drinking wine during book club since this book is all about it!   I miss hosting the book club ladies so I thought it would be fun to send them a bottle of the same wine I was having so it would be like we were drinking it together.  One of the ladies wasn’t going to be drinking with us, so I sent her a wine scented candle so she could join in the fun.  I wanted a varietal of wine that was mentioned in the book and also wanted to buy from a local winery.  Maryhill winery is right down the hill from us and has Viognier so that’s the one I chose.  It was the 2018 Viognier and at $19 felt reasonably priced.  It was less sweet than some other Viogniers I’ve had, but was still light and a wine I would buy again.

It had low tannins and a 13.9% alcohol by volume.  We all thought it smelled of apple or pear.  I also feel like this would be nice versatile wine for the summer.  It would pair well with fish or chicken, but also drinks well on its own.  

I had the wine shipped direct from the winery.  It’s also available for purchase as Total Wine & More.  If you’re in Washington, Maryhill now has its tasting rooms open and is also offering curbside pickup.  Needless to say, there’s no shortage of options to get your hands on this wine! 🙂

Our next book is Queenie by Canidce Carty-Williams.  As always, you can see all the books we’ve read on my Book Club Pinterest board.

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