Don’t Judge Me Monday: Julia’s Dazzle 2016 Rosé

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As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been on a quest to drink more Rosé this summer.  We got this bottle awhile ago. The bottle is so pretty, though, that I’ve sort of been saving it.  Well I decided it was time to pop this baby open!  It’s a 2016 Rosé made from Pino Gris in West Richland, Washington.



This wine is a lovely light salmon color.  It has lots of legs which makes sense since it has a higher alcohol by volume of 14.1%.



Melon is dominant fragrance of this wine with hints of rose.



This Rosé is much drier than most I’ve tried.  It has a slight aftertaste of strawberries. Because of the extra dryness and higher alcohol content, I wouldn’t consider this a “porch pounder” and would drink it with food rather than on its own.



I think this wine would pair well with a buttery garlic shrimp or maybe a fettuccine alfredo.  It’s so dry I wouldn’t pair it with anything sweet, but would lean towards rich seafood or chicken dishes.


This wine is about $20 in most places.  While not super pricey, that is enough for me to think twice about how much I like a wine before buying it again . I’m not sure this would be high on my list of Rose’s to purchase again.







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