Don’t Judge Me Mondays: Notorious Pink

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Mother’s Day is next Sunday already!  I know a lot of you like to celebrate with a brunch.  In honor of that, I am sharing wine today that is made for brunch…Rosé!

Derek found this Notorious Pink Rosé at our local Safeway for about $18 and it looks to sell at Total Wine & More for about that price also.

Let me tell you more about it!


As Rosés go, this one is on the lighter end of the color spectrum.  I would call it a pale copper.  It doesn’t have many legs nor is it very viscous. This tells us that the alcohol content is on the lower end, which is true since it’s 11.5% alcohol by volume.  It also came in a pretty frosted bottle with a glass topper which was a nice bonus.  I plan on keeping the bottle to use for other things in the future!


It has a floral scent (lavender maybe?).


Crisp, with a mineral after-taste.  I also get a hint of stone fruits.  Derek said it tasted of apples and slightly peppery to him.  This isn’t surprising since this Rosé is made from Grenache grapes which sometimes have a slight peppery flavor. I really like this wine because it’s not too dry.  I find myself wanting to like Rosé but often find it too drying so I’m glad to have found this one!  I will definitely have this again as the weather gets warmer.



This Rosé would be beautiful with grilled salmon or shrimp.  If serving it at brunch, it would pair well with fresh berries (maybe in a waffle situation!), a quiche Lorraine, and maybe a salad with a lemony dressing.

If you’ve tried this Rosé I’d love to know what you thought.  Do you have other favorites?





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