1 week in!

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We’ve officially had our little girl a week and it’s been more than I could have ever hoped for! She’s such a great little girl, full of joy and already has a big personality.  Seeing her little smile is unbelievable and watching her fall asleep on Derek’s chest just makes me happier than I could have ever imagined.  Derek is already such an amazing father and I just love watching him with her.  I can’t wait to see him with her as she gets older, sharing her first step, taking her to the zoo, giving her ice cream for the first time.  I can’t wait to share all of that joy with him. I’m also really looking forward to seeing what kind of person she will be.  What will her favorite food be?  Will she be introvert or an extrovert?  What will her hopes and dreams be?  So many fun things to look forward to!

In the interest of privacy, I will not be using our little girl’s real name so I’ll probably refer to as our little Cupcake here on the blog. We’ve been working on attachment and that seems to be going really well.  I will never get tired of looking down at her when she wakes up and seeing her smiling face looking back at me.  Derek and I made sure to set our expectations low, knowing that this was a process and that she might be really really upset the first however many days and that was ok.  We have been very pleasantly surprised at how well she has responded to us and seems to be adjusting to our home.  She is very curious about our kitties and responds and is comforted by both Derek and I. Being first-time parents has been interesting.  We watch her closely and of course analyze everything (she’s got the hiccups, is that ok?  There’s a bump on her lip, should we be worried?) but we are lucky to have lots of friends and family with experience and of course have the internet at our fingertips. 😉

I am still in awe of our new situation.  This new chapter in our lives has been an amazing thing to go through with Derek. After being married to him for 7-ish years, I didn’t realize my love for him could grow exponentially but it has.  Seeing him as a father is the best.  It’s a new a side of him I always knew was there, but it has been awesome to watch him in fatherhood.  It’s also wonderful being a mom.  I feel so much love for her already and can’t wait to teach her new things.  I don’t think I every really acknowledged how badly I’ve wanted to be a mom until it’s now actually happened.  I hope she grows up feeling loved and sees how much Derek and I love each other.

Bath time!

I am also amazed at the generosity of so many people!  After our first night with our little Cupcake, we had so many friends and family reaching out asking how it went (she slept the night and has since, hurrah!). It was so comforting to know we have so much support.   Several friends have also given us all kinds of gifts and are asking if we need anything.  It’s great knowing that our community is rooting for us!

I will be periodically updating you on our adventures with our little Cupcake.  In the meantime, you can expect the usual around here.




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