Flavor of the Month Summary: Citrus

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Another Flavor of the Month has come to an end!  Citrus is such a versatile ingredient so it’s no surprise that this is the month I’ve shared the most Flavor of the Month-themed recipes. I’ve even found some new favorites!  One valuable lesson I learned during this month is that there’s nothing like freshly squeezed citrus juice. For cocktails I’d already tried to use fresh juice, but this month I really noticed what a difference it makes!  Don’t get me wrong, in the interest of time I will probably still use store-bought orange juice every once in awhile!  You have more control over the sweetness of whatever you’re making and the flavor is, well, fresher.

Here’s the rundown of the citrus recipes from this month:

Satsuma Lime Julius – This is a a refreshing update to that drink we remember from the food court as teenagers.  Satsuma has such a lush taste and the lime makes this drink bright and not too heavy.


Tequila Sunrise – While I love the flavor of this cocktail, my favorite part is the way it looks.  It really does look like a beautiful pink-orangish sunrise.  It’s also sweet and not too boozy.


Lemon Vanilla Coconut Granola – You guys know how much I like granola, so I was excited to mix it up with a new flavor this month that uses dried lemon peel.  It’s super flavorful with some added crunch from coconut flakes.


Vanilla Greyhound Whip – I’ve been wanting to try a cocktail with an egg white in it for awhile, so this was my first one!  It was easier than I thought and so tasty with a frothy layer on the top from the egg white.  If you try only one recipe from this list, this should be the one!


Lime White Chocolate Mousse – This mousse is creamy and sweet from the white chocolate but not cloying because of the tart lime that’s added.  This would be a great dessert for your next dinner party because it can be made ahead and is probably something people haven’t had before!


Mandarin Salsa – Canned mandarins are used in this salsa which makes is super easy.  It can be used on anything you would use a pineapple or mango salsa on (hello pork carnitas!).


Citrus Toddy – I wanted a twist on the usually hot toddy so I added lime and grapefruit for something both warming and refreshing!


Chocolate Orange Angel Food Cake – This cake is a welcome reprieve from the over-indulging at the holidays.  Egg whites are used so it’s nice and fluffy with a lovely chocolate orange flavor!


Orange-Glazed Pork Chops – We will be adding these chops to our “tried and true” rotation of recipes. We almost always have pork chops in the freezer and oranges in our fruit drawer during the winter so these are the perfect weeknight meal paired with a quick salad or side veggie.


Citrus Fennel Salad with Honey-lime Vinaigrette – I wrote a guest post for Rachel (great name, right, he he) over at the Simple. Honest. Essential. blog.  The blog title really says it all!  This salad fit in well with the simple and clean recipes shared on Rachel’s site.  This citrus salad is slightly sweet, a little tart, with some crunch from the fennel and almonds.  It makes a great salad for brunch or as a light lunch.


Harvey Wall Banger – This is one of my mom’s favorite cocktails, so I already knew I would be making it when I chose citrus as the Flavor of the Month.  Galliano is a syrupy liqueur with a hint of anise flavor that adds something special.  Even if you don’t like anise or licorice, you should give this a try!


What was your favorite this month?  The Flavor of the Month for February will be tea.  I’m excited to try it as a flavoring in steaming things, along with in a dessert.  Don’t forget to check out my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest to see all of the recipes.






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