Book Club- More Than Enough

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Our most recent book club read was More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth. It was just the book I needed right now! I would call it part self-help, part memoir. Elaine was the editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue for several years. You probably know when she was there because it was when Teen Vogue really took on a new leaf, focusing more on activism, race, and honest discussions about real issues.

She had some great lessons and teachings and lots of stories about struggling with racism in her personal and professional life She is biracial and I could whole-heartedly relate to a lot what she said about tokenism, constantly feeling othered, and not feeling heard. She was also honest about her struggles about often not feeling like she was “enough”. I know that so many women can relate to this and need to hear that we are enough, even “more than enough” and how to empower ourselves to remember that. The one criticism some of the book club ladies had was she did spend some time discussing her outfits and fashion in great details. I can see how that would be distracting, but I was willing to give her some leeway when that is the industry where she works.

I cannot recommend this book enough! She is a total boss, with interesting and intelligent stories. However, there’s also lots of great advice!

The next book we’re reading is Captured, our fist romance novel (ooh-la-la!), so stay tuned. As always, you can check out what we’ve read on my Book Club Pinterest board.

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