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Our latest book club read was Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict.  It is a historical fiction novel and was an excellent read!

This book definitely felt more like a “beach read” especially compared to our last book.  It had “upstairs, downstairs” elements with the main character Clara, a lady’s maid in the wealthy Carnegie household.  We got a look at the goings on in a wealthy household of the time, but also the struggles of the poor and working class. 

I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I’ll just say the book has elements of romance and intrigue with a fictionalized Andrew Carnegie playing a major role in the story. The author did an excellent job with descriptions, transporting the reader to Pittsburgh in the 1860s.

This book was an interesting read and brought about great discussion about ethics in business and otherwise while the Civil War was happening.  It also made me we want to check out Benedict’s other books.  

The one complaint we all had was that the ending felt a little abrupt and left us feeling unsatisfied. 

I would definitely recommend this to everyone, as it has a little something that would interest anyone.

Our next book is Mongrels by Steven Graham Jones. As always, you can check out my Book Club board on Pinterest to see the full list of books we read.  Have you read Carnegie’s Maid or any of Marie Benedict’s other books?  I’d love to hear what you thought!

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  1. I did read it and enjoyed it. One thing about Benedict's books is to remember they are mostly fiction! I have now read four of them and enjoyed them all. Christina Bell

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