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You’ve seen me mention JuneBaby here several times.  It has amazing fried chicken and other stellar southern foods lovingly shared by chef Eduardo Jordan.  That is actually his second restaurant.  His first restaurant is Salare and has more of a fine dining focus.  The chef also rotates the menu and bases it on various regions around the world.  We recently had the pleasure of trying the chef’s 3-course meal from the current Caribbean menu.  It was fantastic! Full disclosure- we actually won this meal (and 2 bottles of local wine) in a contest, but would gladly pay the $60/person the meal cost. They also provided a playlist on Spotify created by the chef with some great Caribbean music.  This was really nice because it helped create the ambiance of the restaurant.  When we went to Salare in the before times, one of the things I really appreciated was the great mix of music!

1st course- Burrata, scotch bonnet marinated heirloom tomatoes, West Indies arugula verde and blistered shishito peppers

When I first read that description I was a little worried this would be too spicy for my wimpy palate.  The heat level was perfect, though!  The arugula verde had a building heat but didn’t leave me in pain at the end.  I’d never had Burrata before and this dish made me wonder, “what  have I been doing with my life?!?”.  If you’ve never had Burrata, it’s sort of like a cross between ricotta and fresh mozzarella.  It’s super soft and creamy with a fresh dairy taste.  It was perfect with the beautiful tomatoes and shishito peppers. The arugula verde was similar in consistency to a pesto.  You better believe we kept every last drop we didn’t eat right then to use as sauce for pasta or to schmear on bread!


2nd course- Flat iron Steak, Jamaican cabbage slaw, Congaree and Penn white rice, jerk summer squash, preserved lime aioli, and plantain relish.

The first thing that blew me over about this dish was that even though it was takeout, the steak was still cooked to a beautiful medium-rare.  It was tender with some seasoning.  The rice was fluffy and savory.  Squash can sometimes be lacking, but this was full of flavor with the jerk seasoning on it.  It had a little heat but not overpowering. The cabbage slaw was fresh with a spicy kick.  And then there were the sauces….those sauces!  The preserved lime aioli was creamy and sour and paired perfectly with the squash and the steak.  The plantain relish was perfect on the steak on the rice, but really I want a whole bottle of that to slather on everything.  It was sweet and creamy from the plantain and I think it had some olive oil and maybe vinegar to round it all out.  It was unbelievable!  Trust that we’ve squirreled away those leftover to pour on anything we can think of. 😉


3rd course- Peach cobbler with allspice crust, Tonnemaker peaches and anise hyssop

Amazing peaches topped with a moist crust, almost like a spice cake.  The filling was juicy without being “gummy”.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves about fruit pies/cobblers/crisps, so I was glad to see the fresh peaches weren’t messed with too much and could just shine on their own. 


We love supporting Eduardo Jordan because he is not only an amazing Black chef, but is doing a lot to help the community especially now.  He is also increasing his brand with his Foot with Roots brand.  You can find their pimiento cheese in local Whole Foods stores.

Jordan is a rising star and we cannot wait to see what he does next!


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