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I am kicking off my Blackity Black Black Flavor of the Month with something a little different.  Normally I share all food-related posts, but this month I’ll also be sharing some other stuff I’ve been thinking about.  The first product I wanted to share with you is these beautiful masks from Diop in Detroit.   We live in a different world these days where everyone needs masks, so why not support a Black-owned business while you’re at it?

The masks are great and I’ll get to the details.  However, what I like most about the masks is what Diop is doing with the proceeds.  A portion of each mask sale is designated for a local relief effort or charitable initiative. Diop has donated over $80,000 to over 40 organizations. The full list is available in the Donation Program section of the product page.  Diop continuously donates to Feed the Frontlines in Detroit (where DIOP is based), which supports Detroit restaurants and provides meals to emergency and healthcare workers.  It is also choosing many other organizations to support.  I appreciate Diop’s transparency, as it shows exactly how much money it has donated to each organization.  Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

Now onto the actual masks.  Diop as a company sells products made of Ankara, a cloth from West Africa.  One of the founders of Diop is of Nigerian descent. The patterns are beautiful and the masks come in about 16 patterns.  Derek and I had a hard time choosing!  Not only are the masks beautiful, but they are super functional. 

I love the print I chose!

They have 2 elastic straps that go behind your head.  This makes them great for wearing all day.  The fabric is durable while still being breathable and comfortable. 

Diop also sells adhesive-backed metal nose strips (10 for $5!) That are a dream for those of us that wear glasses.  One of the biggest issues I’ve had with masks is the fogging up of my glasses every dang time I breathe!  These strips help create a seal around my nose that prevents that fogging up, which is fantastic!

This strip is fantastic for anyone that wears classes!

The masks are $15 which seems like an outright bargain, especially knowing that some of that money is being donated!  

Please check out the Diol website to see the masks and all the other great products Diop sells like shirts and shorts.  I also love the website because there is a whole section about cultural appropriation and another with articles by voices in marginalized communities.  

If you get a mask, I’d love to see what pattern(s) you chose so tag me on instagram with a photo!


I should mention that while I asked the founder, Mapate Diop, for some talking points this is not a sponsored post.  

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