She’s 2 already!

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Our daughter turned 2!  The time has gone so quickly, I still can’t believe it.  I know it sounds cheesy but everyday I look at her in wonder.  It’s astounding to see how quickly she’s now learning new words, concepts, and the world around her.  We took her to the zoo on her birthday and she was more aware than the last time we went, of all the animals and had definite opinions on which ones she liked and wanted to see more of and which she couldn’t care less about, lol. 

It’s crazy how even though she doesn’t have our genes, she’s already obviously our daughter.  I can see our influence.  It’s no coincidence that a majority of the words she can say are food-related ;).  She’s already a lover of animals and shows empathy for others.  I find it beyond adorable when she watches a cartoon and one of the characters cries or is upset and she gets upset also.  Obviously I don’t necessarily like seeing her upset but it tells me she is going to be kind.

I can’t wait to see the total person she becomes.  She’s starting to have her own opinions which is really exciting.  I’m looking forward to the day she can relate how her day was in that long, disconnected, rambling way kids do.  We are also close to potty-training which will be an adventure.  Anyone have any tips?

I’m also grateful that her health issues have been minimal.  It still amazes me sometimes she she was less than 2 pounds when she was born but is now a toddler that’s running and laughing and talking.  She’s a fighter and I love that about her!  

Every time I write about her, or take a step back and think, it’s always the current age she’s at that is my favorite.  In true form I see this is now my favorite age. ;). She is saying more words and can communicate her needs and wants.  She’s also becoming more affectionate, giving cuddles and hugs to us (and of her toys of course, he he) which is wonderful.  It’s also nice to seeing her connect with other children.  She is definitely the extrovert in our house. 

Ready for the birthday party!

I still struggle with how to balance it all, though.  There are days where I think I’m getting the hang of this motherhood thing, but most days I still feel like I have a lot to learn and could do better.  As all of you moms are already aware I’m sure, it’s tough.  I feel like I’m judged in ways my husband never will be because I am the mom, even though he is the stay-at-home parent.  If I hear one more time from someone we should do something about her hair being in her face (even though I tried to put barrettes in her hair that day before we left the house, only to have them pulled out), I am going to scream!  Slight criticisms and comments like this are always directed my way because I’m the mom.  This often adds to the guilt I already feel about being at work or thinking about work when I’m at home and constantly feeling like I could be doing more.  I want her to remember me when she’s older as a mom that is present, not stressed, loving, and fun, and sometimes it’s hard not to feel like I’m failing on all counts. Does anyone else feel this way, does it ever go away?

I’ll end on a happy note by saying this little girl has added more to our lives than I ever thought possible.  We had her birthday party last weekend (I may have gone a little overboard on the sloth theme, lol) and it so much fun to celebrate with friends and family, especially now that we know our situation is permanent.  

One thing I’d like to work on is to read more about parenting tips (especially as we move into potty training territory!).  Do any of you have a blog you follow, or a book you’ve read that has been particularly helpful?  I’d love some recommendations!



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