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Some of you may have noticed it’s been a little quiet here lately at By the Pounds.  I’ll be honest, life has been kicking my booty.  Between working full-time, being with our Little Cupcake and other hurdles we’ve had around here, it’s chipped away at my time for the blog.  I started this blog as a creative outlet and it’s brought me so much joy.  However, with all of this other stuff going on in my life it’s felt like more of a chore, just another thing to stress me out.

For these reasons I’ve decided to take a break from the blog.  I hope to start my posts up again in a few months when I feel inspired and it feels more like something I want to do and less like something I have to. The holidays are normally the “super bowl” of blogging, so it probably seems like a crazy time to take a break.  I want to take time to enjoy the holidays, though, especially since this is the first one with our Little Cupcake.

As women, I feel like we are often expected do it all and do it perfectly….be the perfect wife, mom, coworker and friend all with a smile on our face.  Well, I’m saying no to those unattainable expectations and yes to my own well being and peace of mind. Rachel a few years ago would’ve unhappily plodded on until I had a meltdown.  I value myself and our family too much to do that and realize I deserve to be happy and not frazzled!

I hope you all stick with me during this break.  Don’t forget to check out some of my old recipes.  There are some great Thanksgiving recipes in my archives. I will also still be active on Instagram and Pinterest sharing our meal plans and the like.

Thank you all for your support I hope to be back soon!

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  1. Rachel- I have really enjoyed your blog! You are a smart woman to realize when it’s time to take a break. Enjoy the holidays and your little one. Hugs to you❤️
  2. Good for you Rachel! You are always willing to do for others and I am pleased to see you taking time for you and your family! Looking forward to when you start up again!

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