Plumcot-Infused Amaretto

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I’ve been back at work a little over a month now and we are slowly catching our stride.  It’s been a little stressful getting into our new roles and figuring out our schedule but I’m proud of the three of us for adjusting. I’m happy how well our Little Cupcake is doing with the transition.  Needless to say, things in this space have been a little sporadic, so thanks for sticking with me!

For August’s month of Preservation I wanted to make an infused spirit of some kind.  I’ve done this in the past and it’s a lot of fun.  I thought Amaretto would be a fun spirit to infuse, the almond flavor would pair well with so many things!  Originally I was going to use apricots but then Derek found plumcots at the grocery store.  If you’ve never had one of these fruits, it’s a hyrbrid of a plum and an apricot.  It is a firm fruit with a lovely tart taste. There are several hybrid fruits like this named differently based on the proportion of plum and apricot.  A pluot is more plum and less apricot and as I’m sure you can guess an aprium it more apricot and less plum.  Your local grocery store is likely to have one of these hybrids.

Let’s get to it!

Start by packing a pint jar with the halved plumcots.  It will be a tight fit so just pack them in as best you can.

Now slowly pour over your amaretto.

Top with the lid.    The next step is to just let it sit.  Put the jar in a dark room and let it sit for about a week until it’s infused to your liking.  Once it’s infused, dump the contents of the jar through a strainer into a bowl.

Now pour the infused amaretto into a clean jar.  Store your infused amaretto in the fridge.

The fruit is also tasty so I held on to mine to experiment with!

I like to drink the infused amaretto straight over ice. Just pour a couple of ounces over a few ice cubes in a small glass and sip.

It’s also really nice in a simple cocktail with sparkling water.  Just pour a few ounces of sparkling water over ice in a glass and add about a shot of the Amaretto with a healthy squeeze of lemon. Garnish with a couple wedges of the Amaretto-soaked fruit.  So tasty!

I also think this infusion would be fantastic in a hot cup of chamomile or lemon tea on a cool night.

I’d love to hear you plan to use this Amaretto!



Plumcot Infused Amaretto
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  • 1 pound plumcots cleaned and halved
  • 8 ounces Amaretto liqueur


  1. Pack halved plumcots into a pint jar. 
  2. Pour over Amaretto.
  3. Top with lid and store in a dark room for about a week until it's infused to your liking.  
  4. Dump jar contents through a strainer into a bowl.  
  5. Pour infused Amaretto into a clean jar.
  6. Store covered in the fridge.








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