Flavor of the Month Summary: Grilling

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July has come to an end and it was a blast creating grilling recipes.  The weather has been pretty toasty (for us warm weather wimps) here, so having more things to make outside in my arsenal will come in handy.

Here’s the rundown:

Grilled Balsamic Grape Pork Tenderloin – I’m not sure why I haven’t made more savory dishes with grapes, but after this one I will!  They get soft and work well with the onions to create a nice topping for the lean pork.


Grilled Peach Shortcake – The peaches are grilled to bring out their sweetness and soften them.  Pound cake is also grilled to make it slightly crispy on the outside for some texture.


Smoky Lemonade – Grilled lemons and Mezcal are what make this lemonade smoky.  It’s an interesting take on a summertime beverage.


Queso-Stuffed Burgers – This burger is extra special because the patty is made with beef and Chorizo but is also stuffed with gooey queso.  You’ll need a lot of napkins for this cheesy burger but it’s totally worth it!


Cherry-stuffed Lamb Burgers – Who knew lamb and cherries pair so well together!  Lamb patties are filled with a cherry compote and topped with cheese for an amazing burger!


Grilled Prosciutto & Pineapple Pizza – The sweetness of fresh pineapple is offset for salty prosciutto.  The best part is that you can make it on the grill and it’s super easy!


Did you have a favorite this month?  The Flavor of the Month will be Preservation, so stay tuned!  Don’t forget, you can check out my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest and can search #btpflavorofthemonth on Instagram to see all the Flavor of the Month posts.






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