Don’t Judge Me Mondays: Blueberry Wine Pop-tail

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It’s been a great summer so far!  I’m really enjoying time off, getting some projects done but also taking time to relax and catch up on sleep. It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of August already!  Today I’m sharing my last blueberry recipe for this Flavor of the Month (summary coming on Wednesday!).  A former co-worker visited New York recently and before her trip she was telling me she hoped to find a place that made a cocktail consisting of a popsicle in champagne.  What a great idea!  Apparently I’m not the only one that thought so since these cocktails have been popping (pun totally intended!) up everywhere.  Well you know me, I had to make my own.  I decided fresh blueberries, lime and honey would be the flavors in the pop.  I had to decide on the bubbly element.  I chose a sweeter sparkling wine because I thought it would offset the tartness of the limes and blend well with the blueberries.  I landed on Moscato d’Asti.

Derek and I first had this wine years ago.  We spent the day at Pike Place Market and decided to check out the wine shop.  We were both still unfamiliar with wines so label design was usually what attracted us first. We found one that had a pineapple on the front, which was intriguing.  It turns out it was a Moscato d’Asti.  Reading the description we found it was a sweet and fruity sparkling wine that seemed up our alley! It’s funny but I still remember what the bottle looked like, it was a green bottle with a pineapple on the front label. I don’t remember the name but we both enjoyed it (if any of you know or see the wine I’m talking about please let me know).  The wine I used to for this recipe was one I found at Costco for about $8.  Moscato d’Asti is a popular wine you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding.  Check in the dessert wines section if you can’t find it with the sparkling wines.

Let’s get to it!

First you’ll make your popsicles, sort of a bonus dessert recipe this Monday.  Start by adding the blueberries, lime juice and honey to a blender.

Pop on the top and blend until it’s smooth.  Now pour the mixture into your popsicle molds.

This recipe should make four. I got my molds at Ikea but you can also find them on Amazon or places like Target. Freeze your pops for about two hours or until they are solid.

Now it’s time to put together the drink!  Take the popsicle out of its mold but leave it on the stick. Put it in your glass.  I used a stemless wine glass, but whatever works.

Now pour over five ounces of the Moscato and enjoy!  This recipe makes four cocktails.

This drink is fun because it’s like a “choose your own adventure”.  You can either let the pop melt slowly into the wine or break it into chunks so you have something close to a slushy.  It’s sweet, fruity, bubbly, and your inner child will thank you. 🙂



Blueberry Pop Sparkler
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  • 1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries
  • juice from 2 limes
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 20 ounces Moscato d'Asti 


  1. Blend the blueberries, lime juice and honey until smooth.  
  2. Divide the mixture between 4 popsicle molds and freeze about 2 hours or until solid. 
  3. Take the popsicle out of its mold but leave it on the stick.
  4. Put it in a glass and pour over 5 ounces of the Moscato.
  5. This recipe makes four cocktails.



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