Snack Dinner

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Let’s be real, sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking dinner. I definitely have those days and sometimes even plan for them in our week.  A great example of this is what I like to call “snack dinner”, essentially a glorified cheese board. We’ll put it all on a large cutting board and small plates and nibble.  If we happen to have a white wine on hand, we’ll pop that open too.  This dinner is meant to be no-fuss and tasty.  Another great thing about snack dinner is that it uses up the little nubs of random leftover cheeses that end up sitting in the fridge.

I thought you’d be interested to know what components make up a good snack dinner if you want an easy no cook, no order dinner:

  1. crackers and/or bread slices or crostini
  2. 2-4 cheeses- at least one cheddar or hard cheese and several other varieties
  3. a dip or spread- spinach or artichoke dip or hummus are great options
  4. nuts- sometimes we’ll get Marcona almonds from the cheese section at our grocery store.  They are buttery and super crunchy.
  5. Something fruity and sweet- a fig jam, dried fruit or some apple slices just to break up the richness of the other components
  6. pickled vegetables like cornichons

You certainly do not have to include all of these elements, but all of them together create a nice harmony.

Snack Dinner

if you’d like to have a wine with this, I recommend a white wine that is light and crisp.  Good candidates would be a dry Reisling, a Vinho Verde or a light Pinot grigio.

Get out the biggest cutting board you have, assemble all of the elements on it and get ready to eat!

So what’s your snack dinner equivalent?

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