Flavor of the Month Summary: Licorice

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While this Flavor of the Month has spanned a little longer than most, it’s still been a fun one.  I know that black licorice can be a polarizing flavor, but since September was my birthday month I decided to go for it.  I was reminded how versatile this flavor is and all the forms it comes in.  Even if you’re normally a “hater” of this flavor, I hope at least one of my recipes inspired you to give it another try. 

Here’s the rundown:

Tarragon Mule – This herb adds an interesting touch to a classic cocktail.  The tarragon melds well with the lime and ginger flavors.  This cocktail is both refreshing and warming, which I think is a perfect combo as we move into fall!


Sambuca Twist – Sambuca is an anise liqueur that is sweet and syrupy.  It’s paired with OJ and lime juice in this cocktail to balance out the sweetness.  


Anise Macaroons – Star anise and chocolate chips are added to coconut macaroons to make them extra indulgent.  They are moist and chewy in just the right way.  My husband doesn’t like the taste of licorice or coconut and even HE enjoyed these!


Shaved Fennel & Apple Salad – This duo is dressed with an apple vinaigrette in a crunchy salad.  Parmesan is added to the mix for a nice salty bite and the whole thing is topped with pepitas for some added crunch.  


I’d love to hear if any of you tried the recipes this month.  Did I convert anyone?  🙂

There is definitely a nip in the air these days, which inspired my next Flavor of the Month.  I’m calling it Sweater Weather, so you can expect some comforting and warming dishes for those days you just want hunker down under a warm blanket.

As always, you can find my Flavor of the Month posts on Instagram by searching for #btpflavorofthemonth .  You can also find them on all on my Flavor of the Month Pinterest board.


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