Flavor of the Month Summary: Snack Dinner

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Another Flavor of the Month has come to an end.  This month was Snack Dinner.  I’m a sucker for a cheese board with all the accoutrements so any chance I get to celebrate that is fine by me!  You can check out my post from awhile back about some essentials for a cheese board.  I would say we have snack dinner at least once a month and it’s always slightly different each time.  It’s also great in the summer on a hot day when you don’t want to turn the oven on.

Here’s the rundown of the recipes from this month:

Pineapple Guacamole – This dip is creamy, sweet and has a little kick!  It’s of course great on chips, but we had it on chicken tacos and it was amazing!  I bet it would also be great on a BBQ pulled pork sandwich or pork carnitas situation. 


Pickled Rainier Cherries – Rainier cherries are my favorite variety and the season is fairly limited so I like to get in as many as I can.  Pickling them extends the season just a little longer.


Honey Lemon Goat Cheese Spread – I was reluctant to share this recipe since it’s so simple, but I’m not sure many people have had lemon and honey with goat cheese so I decided to go ahead.  I like the versatility of this spread because it has enough sweetness from the honey that you could spread it on shortbread or scones, but is still savory enough to have on crackers. 


Since we are snack dinner veterans here in the Pounds household, check out some of these other recipes to add to your snack dinner repertoire:

The next Flavor of the Month will be pies.  I love making pies and I tend to make the most in the summertime since there’s so much wonderful fresh fruit available.  Don’t forget,  you can find all of my Flavor of the Month posts on Instagram by searching for #btpflavorofthemonth or you can check out may Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest.



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