Flavor of the Month: Preservation

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Well, another month has come to an end.  Preservation was a really fun theme and an excellent way to get the most out of some of the summer’s bounty!  I still have several of these in our fridge to enjoy as we get into fall.

Here’s the rundown:

Pickle Martini  – If a dirty martini is your drink, this cocktail is for you!  Dill pickle juice is added to give it some zestiness (and a fun lime green color)!  It may sound odd but it’s delicious!


Onion Jam with Balsamic and Thyme – I think this may be my favorite recipe of the month.  Onions already get sweet when they are cooked down, so making a jam just seemed like a natural next step.  The balsamic vinegar rounds it out and the thyme adds a nice herby undertone.  This jam is great on all kinds of things like burgers or BLTs and pairs beautifully with cheese (more about this later).


Pickled Carrots – These babies are good on so many things included sandwiches and meats.  Mix it up with various spice blends to really make it your own.


Pickled Grapes – I like eating these pickled grapes straight form the jar.  They are zesty and full of flavor but manage to not get too mushy.


Baked Camembert with Onion Jam – Camembert is baked in pie crust with sweet onion jam so it gets nice and gooey.  It’s delicious on crackers or just by the forkful!  It’s a real crowd-pleaser if you’re having a party (although you may not want to do this because people are going to want it all the time once you’ve made it!).


Plumcot-Infused Amaretto – Plumcots are a hybrid of apricots and plums and add a lovely tart and fruity flavor to Amaretto. It’s tasty on its own or in cocktails!


Did you have a favorite?  Next month my theme will be Lunch.  I’m still trying to up my lunch game, making stuff I’m excited about rather than buying lunch at work too much.  Don’t forget to check out my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest and you can also search #btpflavorofthemonth on Instagram.






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