Flavor of the Month Summary: Celebrations

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There were so many things to celebrate in June!  It was fun sharing so many booze-related posts with you this month.

Here’s the rundown of recipes I shared:

Lime Mint Simple Syrup – I kicked things off with this syrup because it makes a great mixer!  It can also be used to make some tasty mint limeade, just mix with sparkling water for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.


Lime Mint Cocktail Trio – My Lime Mint Simle Syrup is used to make a Gin Gimlet, classic frozen margarita, and a refreshing Vodka Lime Spritzer.  Pick your favorite or try all three!


Rum Punch – Coconut water and coconut rum are both used to give this punch a truly tropical flavor!


Rosé Bellini – Bubbly Rose and peach nectar ore combined for a lovely brunch cocktail.  The recipe also makes a big batch so there’s plenty to share with friends!


Pimms Slushy – A Pimms Cup cocktail meets a Slurpee for the perfect frozen cocktail.  This is a winner for the summer!


Amaretto Fizz – Almond and lemon flavors are combined in this fizzy cocktail for something interesting and slightly sweet.


Raspberry Lime Sorbet – The secret ingredient in this raspberry sorbet is raspberry liqueur and it really pumps up that raspberry taste!  The lime makes it tart and refreshing.  I plan on keeping this on hand in our freezer all summer!


Raspberry Decadence – Raspberry wine is poured over raspberry sorbet for a luxurious cocktail, dessert, or whatever you want to call it!


Papa’s Cream Soda – A boozy drink combining cream soda and rum, two of Derek’s favorite things!


So there you have it, did you have a favorite?  June was a packed month and I can’t believe we’re headed into July already!  The next Flavor of the Month will be grilling and I cannot wait to share some delicious recipes with you!  As always, you can follow my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest or search #btpflavorofthemonth on Instagram to see all the tasty things shared each month.





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