2018 Summer Bucket List

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Last year I started doing a Summer Bucket List, so I thought it would be fun to make one again this year.  Is anyone else shocked summer is almost here already?  If you want to see how I did on my list last year, check out this post.


Take a field trip to Salt & Straw – This ice cream shop started in Portland and came to Seattle recently.  The ice cream flavors sound so interesting and I’ve only been once on a weekend Derek and I took to Portland last year so I can’t wait to get there!


Get outside more! – I really need to get more exercise and want to make sure I take our Little Cupcake out to see the world.  I hope to check out some parks and trails this year to get some fresh air and show her what’s out there.


Get a kiddie pool for our Little Cupcake – Our little one loves splashing at bath time so I think she would really enjoy sitting in a kiddie pool in the backyard when the weather gets warmer.  Grandma and Grandpa already got her a swimsuit! 🙂

Can’t wait to put our Little Cupcake in this!


Monthly trips to farmers markets – I’d like to go even more often but once/month seems like a realistic goal.  There’s so much great produce and I don’t want to miss out so visiting some of our local farmers markets is a great chance to enjoy it.


Do a wine tasting – As I’ve mentioned before, we live super close to Woodinville, which is jam packed with wineries.  I’d like to visit a few this summer and hopefully one that has a nice patio.


Create a summer capsule wardrobeI’ve had a ton of interviews in the past couple of weeks so I am guessing I’ll be back at work soon. I need to create a summer capsule wardrobe so I have a selection of clothes to pick from in the morning that I know fit and I feel confident in, no fuss, no muss.  These days I wear a lot of yoga pants and tee shirts, which I’m thinking will not be appropriate for work. 😉


Make new flavors of sorbet and popsicles – Last summer I got an ice cream machine and I made lots of ice cream!  This summer I want to make some sorbet to enjoy all the great fruit available!


Have a family photo taken – Throughout our relationship Derek and I have been horrible about getting photos of us together.   I really want to change this as our Little Cupcake grows up and make sure we have more photos of the three of us together.  A professional photo seems like a great start!

It’s crazy how much she’s grown since this picture a few months ago!


So there you have it.  It’s not a super ambitious list, but one that I am excited about!  What’s on your summer bucket list?



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