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I was talking to a friend the other day and they asked how long the blog had been going.  I realized that it’s now been over 2 years as of April!  I sort of forgot about that with all that’s been going on with our Little Cupcake.  Before more time passed, I thought maybe I should say something about it!

Last year on my “blogiversary”, I get some goals for myself.  I thought it would be fun to re-visit those and provide a status (yay accountability!).

  • Partnering with some local companies to collaborate on a sponsored post–  Hmmmm, well I haven’t done a great job with this one.  I’ve signed up for several programs and joined some directories to get my name out there.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to really “pound the pavement” and seek out brands that I really believe in to see if they would be interested.  I’m going to keep trying! One thing I’m proud of, though is that I reached out to a new local restaurant the Cut Shop.  We got on the list to get in for the grand opening which was something!
  • Collaborating with some fellow bloggers here in the Seattle area- I’ve had a lot of fun with this one!  Blogging is such a great community and it’s really been fun getting to know more of the bloggers here in the PNW.  Last April, Derek and I met Abbey Co Seattle and her family for brunch at the Barking Frog.  I also did a guest post for Dawn over at Revel and Glitter.  Both of these ladies are so talented and I’ve learned a ton from them.  I’m looking forward to more collaborating in the upcoming year!

With Abbey from AbbeyCo Seattle and her adorable daughter!

Midnight Cocoa for Revel and Glitter

  • Gaining some advice from one of my blogging heroes Derek and I had an amazing time at the Sounds Delicious kickoff event last April hosted by Kasey and Matthew from Turntable Kitchen.  They are some of my blogging heroes and it was so great to meet them “in the flesh”.  Kasey looked over my blog a bit and gave me some valuable advice.  Now I just need to gain the courage to reach out to more of my blog heroes (bleroes?)!

Swag from the Sounds Delicious event!

  • Featuring a “flavor of the month”- Believe it or not, having an ingredient to focus on each month has actually helped me be more creative.  As I’ve mentioned, I plan on keeping the Flavor of the Month, but you’ll see more themes (like Spring for this month!), rather than just ingredients.  If there’s a theme/ingredient you’d like to see featured let me know! As many of you know, I’ve also started using the hashtag #btpflavorofthemonth on instagram to make the posts easier to find and also have a Flavor of the Month Pinterest board.

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So what can you expect from me in the next year?  As mentioned above, I’m going to continue to work towards partnering with local brands and also collaborating with other bloggers.  I will also be updating the menu on the blog to add a section for all of my “random musings” about motherhood, politics, and other items like New Year’s resolutions that don’t fit anywhere else.  Would a Flavor of the Month menu also be helpful?  Let me know what you guys think!

So here’s to another year of growth on By the Pounds.  As always, you can find me at all of these places on Social Media:

Definitely don’t be shy about feedback.  If there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know….on the other hand, if there’s something you hate that I do, let me know about that too!  Thank you to all of you that come here and read, it really means a lot!

Of course I have to give a shout out to my husband, Derek, who has always been so supportive about this blog.  I think he recognized I was craving this creative outlet even before I did and I’m forever grateful to him for that!






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