Flavor of the Month Summary: Chestnuts

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Well, 2017 is coming to an end which means the December Flavor of the Month is over.  I absolutely love chestnuts, so I’ve had a blast sharing all of these recipes with you.  I hope you got a chance to try at least one!

Experimenting with this ingredient helped me learn even more about it:

  • It’s the perfect ingredient for vegetarian and vegan recipes (all of the recipes ended up being vegetarian, which wasn’t even intentional).
  • Really stands out in creamy dishes.
  • Acts as a thickener in soups and hot beverages.
  • Works well with both sweet and savory ingredients.
  • Pairs great with Cognac and rum.


Here’s the rundown of the chestnut recipes I shared this month:

Creamy Chestnut & Mushroom Soup – I wanted to kick off the month with something savory and this soup fit the bill.  It’s creamy, warming and vegetarian!  This luxurious soup is tasty with a side salad or makes a great starter.


Chestnut Shortbread – I participated in the Food Blogger Love cookie exchange again this year.  I made this tasty shortbread and received cookies from three other bloggers in return, which was a real treat!  This recipe uses chestnuts cooked in two different ways for some interesting textures. They add a wonderful flavor to the buttery and crisp shortbread.


Chestnut and Squash Pasta – This pasta is full of interesting flavors and textures.  This cheesy pasta dish has roasted chestnuts, butternut squash and spinach in it for a hearty and comforting meal.  The gruyere also adds a nutty flavor to the mix!


Chestnut Warmer – Of course I had to make at least one cocktail with chestnuts!  This cocktail combines sweet white chocolate, chestnuts and Cognac for a luxurious treat!  Not only do the chestnuts add flavor, but they give the drink a silky and foamy texture.


Chestnut Date Spread – Although this spread is super simple to make, it doesn’t taste that way.  The dates add some sweetness and the coconut oil makes it deliciously rich.  I like eating this spread with cheese and crackers but it’s also great in oatmeal or on toast.  The possibilities are endless!


I hope the recipes this month inspired you try chestnuts, they really are a special ingredient!  The Flavor of the Month for January will be citrus so stay tuned.  Don’t forget to check out my Flavor of the Month board on Pinterest to see recipes from previous months.  You can also search Flavor of the Month to find them here on the blog.






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