Flavor of the Month Summary: Cherry

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Well another Flavor of the Month has concluded and we’re full on into summer!  Cherries were the perfect June fruit to segue us into sunny weather and easy summer living.  It’s been really fun creating new cherry recipes and here’s a few tidbits I also learned along the way:

  • While cherries work with most spirits, they really shine when paired with richer dark choices like rum, bourbon and brandy.
  • Lime and cherry is a winning combo!
  • Cherries paired with cheese also work wonderfully- the richness of the cheese is cut by the tartness of the cherries so that both flavors are enhanced
  • Cooked with sugar, cherries create a thick syrup that is just beautiful!
  • Cherries are a fantastic fruit to use in savory applications.

Now here’s a summary of all the cherry goodness we made this month!

Cherry Almond Granola
This granola is crunchy and sweet with a pop of tartness and chewy texture provided from the dried cherries.  It’s great with milk, over Greek yogurt, by the handful and would even be a fun addition to a cheese plate.  I bet this granola would also be outstanding with some chocolate chips added to the mix!


Boozy Roy Rogers

This cocktail is the cousin of the boozy Shirley Temple and can be made with either grenadine and vodka or Kirsch, a cherry flavored liqueur, to get that cherry kick.  It’s easy to make, is really refreshing and will remind you of your childhood!


Cherry & Blue Cheese Salad

Salad is always a winner as the weather gets warmer and I know this is going to be a go-to easy dinner in our household!  This salad comes together quickly with an easy vinaigrette, tangy blue cheese and crunchy sunflower seeds.


Cherry and Gruyere mini tartlets

Rich syrupy cherries with melty cheese in a handheld tart, what’s not to love!  These tarts are also made in a muffin tin which makes them easier to form.


Cherry and Parmesan Risotto

I think this is the dish I’m most excited about.  I love the creamy risotto and Parmesan with the sweet cherries.  It just works!  The pretty color is a nice bonus too.  🙂


Cherry Daiquiri

As promised, I am adding more slushy cocktails to my repertoire.  Using frozen cherries means you get a concentrated flavor while retaining that slushy texture.  This drink would be easy to make for a crowd.  AbbeyCo Seattle said she might try it with mint and that sounds pretty good too!


Cherry and Lime Ice Cream

As I mentioned at the beginning, cherry pairs wonderfully with lime, which is why you see it 2 times in a row here.  However, the added creaminess of the ice cream makes it feel brand new.  We also tried this ice cream in floats with lemon-lime soda and it was fantastic!


Along with these new recipes, here are others you’ll find on the blog that feature cherry flavor:


Which recipe was your favorite?  What do you like pairing cherries with?  Tell me in the comments!

The Flavor of the Month for July will be Bourbon, so stay tuned!




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