Don’t Judge Me Mondays: Derek’s Top 5!

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Hello world, it’s Rachel’s husband Derek!  She thought it’d be fun for me to give you a list of my favorite DJMM drinks for June, since it’s my birthday month and all.  I’m honestly not much of a drinker, and a cocktail drinker even less so.  On the rare occasion that I have a few I’ll typically stick to scotch, or a rum and Coke if I’m feeling ambitious.  Every now and again though Rachel puts together a drink that I fall in love with, and so here are my favorites of what she’s shared with you.  

As Rachel would say, Let’s get to Derek’s Top 5 Cocktails

5. Uncle Sam

I’ll admit that a part of my love for this drink is a bit of pride.  I was the one who suggested using pop-rocks to line the rim, and I was very happy with the result.  Sweet cherry bourbon and Coke is perfect for a hot summer day.

4. Wake Up Call

What can I say, I’m a Seattlite.  I love my coffee.  When Rachel first put together this drink she was so excited.  It’s delicious, perfectly vibrant, and great for day drinking :).

3. Porch Swing

Luckily for me, living with Rachel, I’ve got a sweet tooth.  These days we’re being more cautious about how we indulge it, but none the less it’s where I’m drawn.  This sweet, refreshing indulgence is right down my alley.

2. Blood Orange Margarita

When I was young and hated the taste of alcohol, but still wanted to get drunk Margaritas were my go to.  My tastes have become more refined and a drink or two is all I’ll have in a stretch anymore, but this Margarita has become one of my go tos when we have blood oranges on hand.

1. The “Blue Raspberry”

There was no contest on this one, as soon as she asked me to put together this list the #1 spot was claimed.  Like I said, I’ve got a sweet tooth, but to my dismay I was also recently diagnosed with diabetes.  I’ve grown used to diet soda and I enjoy sweets in moderation now.  But one thing that I lamented losing was my precious Blue Raspberry Slurpees from 7-11. In the summer they were the treat that would bring me back to childhood. For Rachel’s part the drink was almost a mistake, but with my first sip I fell in love.  It’s not at all Blue, but it is my perfect treat.

So there you have it, a list of favorite cocktails from an only occasional drinker.  I’m writing this while sipping on her boozy Roy Rogers out of our fun boot glass, which may very well have made this list had I not assembled it before tasting.  Rachel is the writer in the family, so I’ll leave you with that.  She does though generally end with a question, so.

What’s the drink that brings you back to your younger days?  SoCo? Wine Coolers?  What’s the thing that brings you back to your not so responsible roots?

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