Barking Frog with Abbey Co. Seattle

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You may remember from my blogiversary post, that one of my goals this year was to meet more of my fellow bloggers in person.  It’s been so neat to interact with people in the blogging community from all over the world, but I also really like the idea of building a network of fellow bloggers right here in my backyard. I knew that Abbey from Abbey Co. Seattle was the first one I would reach out to. I love Abbey’s blog and it turns out that her and her family live less than 20 minutes from Derek and I!  She features all kinds of lifestyle topics on her blog, everything from food and wine, to parenting tips, to boating and on and on.  I enjoy her style and am in awe of her hustle!  In April she did a post every day, wow!  She and her husband share our love for food and wine, so it was a pleasure getting to meet them. 🙂  They also brought their adorable daughter, Vivienne, who was a lot of fun.

The Barking Frog is right in the heart of Woodinville wine country and is in the same complex as The Herbfarm and Willows Lodge, so it of course has an amazing reputation!

We will definitely be going back again  even though I’ll admit that Derek and I both had brunch envy (neither of our entrees was as good as Abbey or her husband’s).   Derek had the Crab Cakes Benedict and while he said it was good, it wasn’t “wow”.  There’s a lot of crab cake options here in the PNW and he was expecting more.  The English muffin was served on the side, rather than everything stacked on it and the hollandaise didn’t have quite enough lemon.

I had the Rainier Breakfast which had eggs, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit.  While the bacon and eggs were expertly cooked, there wasn’t really anything special about them.  The highlight was definitely the biscuit- it was split in half and buttered, then put on the griddle so both halves had a crunchy top.  Attention to details like that make me think we just chose poorly.

Abbey had the Challah French Toast which looked amazing!  We all shared some raisin pecan toast at the beginning and it came with a lovely cinnamon apple butter.  Abbey’s hubby got the Biscuits and Gravy and added the fried chicken….clearly the best choice!  Even Vivienne’s kids breakfast looked amazing. I’m not going to lie, I kind of wanted her meal.  It was the tastiest looking pigs in a blanket I had ever seen.  The fluffy pancakes were wrapped around juicy sausages and came with fresh berries.

As I said, we’ll most certainly try the Barking Frog again for brunch and I have no doubt we’ll visit for a nice dinner in the near future.  There is a 4-course tasting menu offered 7 days/week for dinner that we will no doubt want to try. We are so lucky to have such a gem in our neighborhood!

This meet up with Abbey and her family made me even more excited to reach out to other local bloggers and I’m sure Abbey and I will be meeting up again (wine tasting, anyone?) soon.

Abbey (left) and I with her adorable daughter (this and the title photo taken by Abbey’s husband).

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