My Cake Stand Collection

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At some point I started a cake stand collection.  It wasn’t really intentional at first, it just sort of happened.  After I acknowledged I now had a collection, I became more selective in purchasing them.  Do I have something similar in a similar color?  Does this perform the same function as one I already have?

I am sharing my collection with you based on a discussion I had with the book club ladies.  I served a dessert on a cake plate and one of the ladies with all of my other cake plates in her eyesight asked why I chose to use that particular one.  I answered that I chose it because the height wasn’t too tall so we could all converse over it, it was clear so it wouldn’t clash with everything else on the table, and its style matched the overall English theme I was going for.  I realized that without knowing it, I had put a lot of thought into that cake stand! The girls encouraged me to write a post about my collection, so here goes. 🙂

I’m sharing my collection, along with how I use each one and where I got it.

These teal ruffled ones were actually the start of my collection. Teal is one of my favorite colors. My husband (then fiancé) and I were at Costco and we saw this set.  I almost didn’t get it, but he convinced me (I think convincing me to buy things for myself is his favorite part of shopping together).  I’m glad I did!  I like the cute ruffled edge and it’s nice having the two different sizes.  The first thing we used it for was to serve our sample wedding cake.  We were requesting a unique flavor so the baker suggesting we do a smaller sample ahead of time to test it out- it fit perfectly on the new cake stand. 😉


We wanted something different for our guest “book” at our wedding, so we bought this white cake stand at Crate & Barrel for our guests to sign.  I thought I bought the correct pens, but we discovered later that the ink would disappear if we washed it. 🙁 For a few years, we just kept it and didn’t use it.  It collected dust, but we were afraid to even clean it.  Finally we decided we’d read all of the notes one last time and then wash it.  Now we actually use it and remember that day.  It was sad to see the ink go away, but we can create new memories by being able to use it and we have other mementos from our special day. I like this cake stand because of the shape.  You don’t see many square cake stands and it’s nice and large.  It’s also low, which makes it a good candidate for a serving dish on a table.


I got this green cake stand at Cost Plus a couple of Christmases ago.  I like the old-fashioned look of the milk glass and also enjoy the bright green color.  This stand is taller which is nice if we are serving several things.  I like to use cake stands at the back of a spread so people can still see and reach the food on it.  This stand works really well for that!


I call this one my English cake stand.  The design in the glass reminds me of something you would see at an English tea party.  This is also the one that prompted the original discussion at book club.  I served Sticky Toffee Pudding on it.  It’s a lower stand so I was able to have it on the table and we could all still see it over it to converse. 


I’ve always wanted a covered glass cake stand, but I just could never justify spending the money on one. I found this one at Home Goods and I love it!  It’s classic but still has a modern look.  I like using it for special occasions like birthdays, or for a cake I’ve made but won’t be serving right away.  It’s nice having the dome to keep the cake fresh. My mom has a covered glass cake stand and she would always bring it out at birthdays, I like keeping that tradition in our home.


While this little stand is technically for cupcakes, I thought I’d include it here since it is displayed with all of my other stands.  My friend Emily gave this to me a few Christmases ago and I like using it for a special presentation of a cupcake or cookie. 🙂


I really like this marble stand because it rotates!  I’ve used it to frost and serve cakes on several occasions.  It’s also very short so it can be used to serve at the table.


My husband gave me this wooden stand for our anniversary this year (apparently 6 years is the wood anniversary!).  He is always so thoughtful with gifts and gave me several beautiful wooden items I could use in photos for the blog.  I really like having a wooden cake stand because it’s neutral so almost anything looks nice on it.  It’s also a medium height, which makes it really versatile.


Well that’s my collection.  I’m sure I will add to it over the years.  Do you have a favorite cake stand?  What do you collect? Tell me in the comments!


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