Don’t Judge Me Mondays: New Year/New Look!

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As you may have noticed, things are changing here at By the Pounds.  I am working on updating the blog to a new format which I hope will be more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  One of the main advantages to this new format will be easier to use recipes!  I know how annoying it is to go to a blog that doesn’t have recipes in a printer-friendly format.  Sadly, I have been one of those blogs for far too long.  I am beginning to work on converting all of my recipes to a better-looking format that is also user-friendly.  Hurray!  If you have a recipe you use that you’d like converted first, let me know in the comments and I’ll put it on the top of the pile. 🙂

While all of these changes are exciting, they are also a bit scary.  I’ll be the first to admit that my technical skills are lacking.  This new format will involve more coding and a more in-depth knowledge of all things “computer” that I don’t currently have.  However, I am taking the leap and forcing myself to learn. My husband has reminded on occasion to be more kind to myself.  I am easily frustrated when I haven’t mastered something right away and am learning to give myself a break.  I’ve realized lately that I seem to have a talent for picking things I know I will master quickly, which is not always the best idea.  There are things along the way I just miss out on because I fear I won’t master them “as quickly as I should”, or worse…I never will.  This limits me and I just need to knock it off.  This blog has helped me grow and I know this latest effort will challenge me in ways that are scary but also really exciting.  It will be good to have this new skill in my “tool box”.

My workspace

Thanks for taking this journey with me.  If you see any glitches or something doesn’t look right on the blog over the next few weeks, please let me know!

I’d love to hear about your latest struggles.  How’s the New Year treating all of you so far?

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