Don't Judge Me Mondays: The Summery Summary

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Well, there’s no denying fall is on its way.  As I type this, the wind is whipping around outside, there’s a nip in the air and I’ve been seeing more and more golden hues in the trees. While I don’t mind the gray and rainy fall days here in the Pacific Northwest most of the time, I know there will be days where I miss the warmer and brighter days of summer.  When I feel that way, I’ll pull out my arsenal of Summery cocktails.  I’ll take a sip and dream of being on a sandy beach somewhere in the tropics. I’m calling this list, the Summery Summary. 🙂



Let’s start our list off with The Getaway.  This drink is bubbly, sweet and light.  Raspberries and lemon are a great combo- then you add champagne.  How can you lose!



This Blackberry Gin Gimlet brings together the herby quality of gin with the tartness of blackberries and lime.  Served up, it’s elegant without being fussy.  Then there’s also that beautiful color!



When I think tropical, I think Coconut Mojito.  This cocktail uses coconut water (that makes it healthy, right?) AND coconut rum for extra coconut flavor.  With the addition of lime and mint, it’s perfectly refreshing!



Fresh is the word that comes to mind when I think about this Cucumber Martini.  You can definitely taste crisp cucumber in this drink.  It’s less sweet and more dry than most of the cocktails on this list. It’s a nice choice if you want something summery that is also crisp and on the verge of being savory.  Yum!



I love how juicy this Watermelon Cooler tastes!  The summer watermelon and cucumber make for a slightly sweet and fresh tasting drink.  The gin completes it with that herby note.  So tasty!  This is another one that has a gorgeous color!



So that’s my list!  What’s your favorite summer cocktail?  What was your favorite part about the summer?

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